How To Be Your Healthiest?

Hi Guys,

So, here is my basic health philosophy for those of you how have asked.

Integrative Health

Firstly, I am a strong advocate of the integrative health concept that upholds all aspects of a person’s needs; including physical, psychological and social, should be taken into account and seen as a whole. You can eat all the veggies in the world you want, but you can’t really be ‘healthy’ in the true sense if you mental and emotional state is in balance as well.  If you are have been super stressed or emotionally distressed, this can and does have a negative effect on your well-being. Think; blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and heart problems. All these issues are not just caused by food alone.

Whole Living

Continuing from my first point. Never view your life or your health in isolation. There are many aspects of your life, the food on your plate, daily activity, lifestyle, your environment, relationships, spiritual connection. They all make who you are and balance is the key word here. Everything is interlinked, each aspect impacts the other, its the basic circle of life. You need to find a healthy balance and stay mindful of every aspect of your well-being.  Learn to be fully aware and don’t ignore yourself, or it will come to bite you in the back. New moms forget all about self-care, daily ambition throws spirituality on the back seat and a bad break up can just send us flying in a big black whole where our only consolation is comfort food. Don’t ignore any part of yourself and don’t forget to live whole.

How to Be Your Healthiest (Simple 5 step recipe!): 

  • Nourish your body with whole plant-based foods. Experiment with recipes that leave you feeling energetic and alive. Healthy eating should never be about deprivation and bland recipes, don’t restrict yourself, just eat plenty of ‘good food’.
  • Run, dance, play a sport, go for yoga, finish a home project – Just get moving. Make physical activity part of your  daily life.
  • Invest your time and energy in developing and maintaining loving relationships. I know in today’s time and age it may be a lot of work to cater to emotional needs of people around you and go out of your way to keep your connections, but trust me, its worth it. However, don’t confuse love with duty or patience. Break free from what that kill your spirit. Let go of people and things that cause you anger, suffering and pain. You don’t need that kind of stress on your body.
  • Invest your time and energy in a fulfilling career or hobby and live your life with a purpose. You don’t have to  have a full time career, you don’t even have to be a full-time stay at home mom. We have plenty of hours in a day, take some out for something that gives you joy and pride. Create something, volunteer, contribute, have a purpose in life, have something to show for yourself, have a passion, have enthusiasm, a drive. Don’t just spend every day paying your rent, doing what needs to be done, surviving,  and waiting for your death to knock on the door.
  • Never underestimate the healing power of a spiritual practice. Whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian – you need to connect and see how it calms you mind and your nerves. How it changes you as a person. Spirituality doesn’t have to be elaborate. Pray to God, take a walk and appreciate nature, try to remind yourself often of everything you are grateful for, give a little to someone in need.

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