How to Deal With Emotional Eating | Binge Eating

This is part of my Q&A series on YouTube – where you guys send me your health related questions, and I dutifully answer them : )

Today we are talking about emotional eating or binging.

Its hard, isn’t it? Controlling those sentimental hunger pangs; taking your eyes off that cookie jar or pint of ice cream, fantasizing about how good it will feel in your mouth and how its will make all  your problems go away. The next thing you know the foods gone and you are in bliss. But just like a bad one-night stand (you know like in the movies 😉 ) the very next morning you are drowning in regret and self-pity and disappointed in life for not having a rewind button! Well, it doesn’, but  you have ME 😉 😉 and I have some super simple tips for you that will help you keep it under control.

Just remember whatever you problem is extra large fries is not the answer – now, watch this video.

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