Tips To Avoid Going On A Binge This Eid

Dahi Barray, Chana Chaat, Gol Gappay Pakistani Food

Trying really hard to avoid piling on the pounds this eid… It’s sooo freaking hard! There is temptation everywhere!!😈 Though being a vegetarian on Bakra Eid helps, coz obviously most of the stuff i don’t eat. 🀐 But this morning (if you saw my snaps you’ll know.. ) mother-in-law made cholay, aloo, puri and…. pani puri at home!! I let myself go and now i regret it 😭 Wanna know the worst part? There is a dawaat in the evening too! (if the dress feels considerably tighter..ill just spend the night under the blanket, i dont care!).

On days when i am able to practice better self control, these tips really help and they prevent me from going on a binge on holidays & vacations. Thought they might help you too!

1. Drink lots and lots of water. Like, every 30 minutes (not kidding). Keep a bottle at handy if need be. It will keep your tummy full and stop you from bingeing.

2. Eat whatever you like – just in tiny portions. If you want that kulfi – share half of it. If you want that karhai – have a few spoonfuls and stop. Its eid, so do indulge, but don’t overindulgence. #motto

3. Don’t skip salad before the main course. Or reach for the healthier options first… then the naughty onces.

4. Don’t go to any dawaat/dinner hungry. The food will be served way too late coz all of you will be busy talking… if you are famished when its time to eat , you are heading for disaster. Have a bite at home before you go out.

Have a fit-astic eid!! ☻


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