2 Simple Tips To Survive The Weekend Weight Gain + What I Ate

2 Simple Tips To Survive The Weekend Weight Gain + What I Ate

Hi guys! Hows your weekend so far? Mine has been super busy… EATING!!

You know us desi peeps; our weekends, family time, social scene, pretty much everything revolves around food. And not putting on an extra pounds or two on weekends can kinda be a mission..! Well, Faisal and I eat out every single weekend, but I always take these 2 simple steps to avoid causing too much irreparable damage. It really helps me, so thought I’ll share.

Firstly, when picking the restaurant, I always do a menu check at home, to ensure they are vegetarian friendly + have a few healthy options. Secondly, I never shy away from asking for adjustments (can u make this oil free please? dressing on the side? can you add extra mushroom?…) all the good restaurants usually have no problem doing so.

Yesterday, we went to this Mongolian place at Villagio, I ordered their vegetarian noodles (came with veggies, mushrooms, tofu, low-fat teriyaki sauce – I requested oil-free) ate tons without guilt, yaaay!! Long story, but… we ended up back at Villagio for lunch again this afternoon with family (its on 5 minute’s distance from our place if that explains anything). We ate at the Persian restaurant Dunia. Their food was pretty top-notch too. Just order the basic lentil soup and hummus. It won my heart because the soup was made without cream and they blended lentils with steamed potatoes instead to give it a creamy texture….genius! And so tasty!

Currently, I am munching on some salad as an appetizer… Whats for dinner? Dunno, watch this space …👀 🤗


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