Weekly Shenanigans –  My Name is Radha

 It just makes me so happy when Faisal likes vegetarian food. Like, ill make non-veg stuff for him and he will happily eat it, but if he eats anything vegetarian I make– it just makes my day! My strategy is simple – never overkill. Start with sides and let those taste buds get used to it. The other day I threw together some super simple potatoes and veggies (topped with basic herbs) and he actually ate a good part of it. Weehee!

This kept me up at night. Pick this one up guys!

Unless prostitution, feminism and taboo topics make you uneasy, in which case maybe you need to grow up a little before you can appreciate this.

I rediscovered rice crackers and they changed my life. Bye Bye bread.

Home Project calls for an Ikea Trip.

Our room décor and setup had been pending since the wedding. We decided to just get down to it and get a few (pretty heavy) things sorted. All weekend Faisal was busy putting this shit together and I was very very bored. I also made every possible excuse not to help – that instruction booklet makes me dizzy. It does.

I might show you some of the stuff, but only when it’s put up all nice and pretty – currently our lounge is a disaster zone.

For anybody out there trying to assemble Ikea furniture – I feel for you.

Faisal called for an emergency movie night. We saw The Ring and The Grudge. He was amazed that I had never seen these two before and set out to ‘educate’ me. In my defence I was just put off horror for a long time – too much gore and lame crap. But Conjuring kinda got me back into it. Any other good movie suggestions?


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