My Recent Hair Tragedy


Hi guys!

Sorry I had been MIA for the past few days, but I have a good excuse – a major hair disaster! I was going for a slightly reddish tint to my hair color but I came out looking like rotten tomatoes.🍅 Worst part – it started bleeding everywhere and I ruined 2 towels, 3 shirts and 1 bathrobe in the past 2 days. Then my head started turning pink!

First, I thought hiding under the blankets for a few months was the way to go, but well… I kinda need my next pay check so that didn’t work. Out of other great ideas, I committed the second biggest hair crime – I went and got it recolored again – within the space of 3 days!
Well, the eerie red shade subsided but only on the scanty bit of hair I have left on my head. Not only did I lose a lot of hair in this process but the leftover hair are brittle, damaged and literally feel like my back scrub.

Well, sob story over. Now it’s time for “Mission Hair Repair”. Basically doing all I can to undo the damage and grow some new ones on. So here is the plan:

Apply organic arnica oil at least once a week.

Apply home grown aloe vera gel (we have a aloe vera plant in our backyard that I have not used till date – why not? I have no idea (lazy) especially since I know aleo vera gel is amazing for skin and hair. It’s going to be my new best friend from now on.

Drink a drum load of greens! The daily green smoothie game is on again! I need all the iron and zinc I can get to grow out those hairs.

Also load up on other foods that are magic for hair growth: Chia/Flax Seeds (Omega3s), Nuts (Biotin), Berries (Vitamin C) and carrots (beta-carotene – and also because I like carrots). I firmly believe diet is very important for long term effect.
I’ll keep you guys posted on progress and InshAllah be back to making some more snaps and videos once I look human again. Also let me know if you had a similar experience and how you dealt with it! Much love ❤😘


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