Restaurant Review – Shakespeare & Co 

Shakespeare & Co 

I was so impressed with the pretty vintage décor of Shakespeare the first time I saw it in Dubai. Floral, colorful and frilly – my kinda thing! So I was pretty excited when it opened up in Doha as well. It quickly become one of favorite spots for a quick family meal, an all girls tea-time session or a quick desert stop.

I like that they have a good mix of healthy, non-healthy, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options. For me, it means I can go there with my friends who have absolutely no interest in healthy eating and there will be something on the menu both of us. My husband likes their sandwiches, though he says they aren’t filling enough for a full meal -perhaps only a snack. So we always order sides and appetizers if we don’t want to stop by Subway on our way back home. As for me, it’s all about their the quinoa salad and the lemon mint drink!

Restaurant Review - Shakespeare & Co 

The salad comes with a hefty amount of greens, but is surely pricier than the other options on the menu – standard for Doha where the  healthier options are almost always the most expensive. I guess some leafy greens are just harder to put together then a loaf of meat! Hmph …but still, the salad is pretty darn good and so is the lemon mint drink.

Restaurant Review - Shakespeare & Co  I love the outside seating area of their Pearl location, especially if the weather is nice ( around November to March) and you can just relax and watch the Pearl crowd drift by. But don’t go in summer or you’ll scorch yourself.

Other favorites of mine on the menu are the Vegetarian Burger and Lentil Soup. I actually really like the burger because it didn’t seem to be super processed and I can actually taste the vegetables inside, (potatoes and bell pepper)  as opposed to some of the other vegetarian burgers that basically taste of fried rice and soy (nasty!) this one is fresh and crisp. Still, I wouldn’t go so far as saying that it is a low calorie option, the patty is fried, served on white bread, with a side of French fries so… a good vegetarian option but by no means a guilt-free one.

The lentil soup is worth a try too, nothing extraordinary, but your basic old Arabic style creamy lentil soup. [Though my friend once rolled her eyes when I ordered it and muttered “patali daal” (watery lentil) under her breath – but we will just ignore her, okay? Them meat eaters!!]

Overall, I give this place an 8 out of 10 – simply because of the cozy décor and the fact that it is one of the few places in the city that have a few decent plant based options.

Have you visited the place and like their food? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time, bye guys!


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