Carluccio’s Opening Night – Mall of Qatar

Hi Guys!! ❀

Say β€˜Yayee’ if you love Italian food! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜

Faisal and I had some good foodie fun at Carlucciosme at the Mall Of Qatar yesterday! Though I tend to carb-up fruit & veggie style, my better half loves his pesto and pasta! So he was my obvious date choice for the night πŸ˜‰(always).

Firstly, we loaded up on appetizers and let’s just say the basil rice balls was kind of where I lost all self-control #noregrets. Then we dived into our 3 course meal starting with the tomato & pesto bread and salad – a generous serving. Next came the mains including this crispy gnocchi, which honestly had way too much olive oil for my liking (so I let Faisal share some πŸ˜‡) but if you like it the way the Italians do, you will appreciate the rustic flavor.

Dessert was the best part, chocolate, strawberry, passion fruit and salted caramel – we were spoilt for choice!! Being a vegetarian, living in the middle east, I really have to dig up places where I can find options for each part of my meal, and Carluccios sure kept β€˜em coming – therefore a winner in my books!

Let me know if you have eaten there and if you liked it?


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