Better Than Fro-Yo


I absolutely love the plant based lifestyle. I thrive on it, feel my best on it. If you have been through my blog you know I follow a mostly plant based diet – up to 90 % free from all animal products.

Along with being a vegetarian, I tend to avoid diary and eggs if and when I can. However, the traditional way of eating is still pretty much dominate in Qatar & Pakistan and it will take some time till there is more awareness of the benefits of this lifestyle, and why its the best thing you can do for yourself, your health and the environment – especially in today’s time and age. Till the day comes, eating out or finding good substitutes, continues to be a challenge. So when I do come across a good plant-based product locally, it makes me ‘superduper’ happy!! Like this Coyo Coconut Yogurt! Seriously yumz!! So creamy, rich & totally raw – add to it a couple of toppings and it ends up being a pretty solid breakfast  (or dessert – who needs fro-yo anyway?).


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