Niomi Smart Cookbook

Niomi Smart CookbookCurrent Afternoon Situation.

In my head Niomi, is like, my soul sister, I used to binge watch her youtube channel and suffer from hunger pangs watching all the gorgeous food she was always making and eating. When I found out she is publishing her own cookbook, I knew I had to get my hands it! Right away! Thanks to the coolest fil for offering to pick it up for me on his recent trip to London – I finally have it! Been flipping through it and there are a bunch of recipes in here that I can’t wait to try. They are easy-peasy, based on superfoods, with the emphasis on nourishing and healing – as opposed to being vegan junk heavy & loaded with taco and burger recipes – I mean, nothing wrong with that (love tacos!) but this is definitely the one you need to own.

Ogling the salted caramel ice cream recipe right now and stepping into the kitchen with it very soon.


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