VegaOne Protein Powder Review

VegaOne Protein Powder Review

Finding a decent plant based powder can be quiet a task. There are just too many things to look out for:

  • No animal products?
  • No chemicals or harmful ingredients?
  • Non GMOs ?
  •  No heavy amounts of lead?
  •  No disgusting, chalky flavor?
  •  Organic?

It tends to become even more yucky when you mix a protein powder with super foods or greens powders. The overpowering grassy taste and the nasty stevia after taste! (Somebody pass me the bucket please)

But fret not my fellow health nuts!  Vega protein is here to the rescue! It seriously tastes pretty decent and that’s saying A LOT for protein powders. I never take whey protein coz its plain disgusting and I’m retardedly picky about my vegan proteins as well. So if I approve a particular powder or brand… guys you know it’s safe for your taste buds. My favorite is the chocolate flavor so if you are new to Vega One – start with this one.

One serving gives you 20 grams of protein, six servings of greens, and 50 % of daily intake of vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega 3s and is made from complete whole foods. Also it is Non-GMO Certified, is gluten free, soy free and sugar free. Now you know what this little guy is pretty much a staple in my pantry.

If I ever need feel like slapping on the protein after a workout, this is generally my go to. I also add it to my smoothies, oats, pancake or waffle batter or even my nice creams. All the ingredients in here (listed below) are good for you and it has no nasty preservatives, or sweeteners.

Now for THE BAD: Its expensive folks! Especially where I live (in Qatar) with delivery charges and all the cost is twice of that whey based proteins that can be easily found here. My tip, don’t buy it locally, get it off iHerb. It costs a lot less.

Will I purchase it again? Definitely! Yum 


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