Healthy Grocery Haul


As they say “healthy eating starts from healthy grocery shopping!”, so here is some of the stuff I picked up on my last trip to the store.

Now, if you live in Doha, Qatar you are likely to find many healthy options at the following stores:




Whole, healthy, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free…etc. These stores have a large variety of such foods.

For more everyday, easily available foods like bananas, apples, rice and beans, I will probably go to the general superstores such as Carrefour and Lulu.

On this particular day I went to Monoprix and stopped at Megamart on my way back (because it is close to my house) and there are the things I picked up. They were mostly my (2 weeks to up to a month’s worth of supply of ) whole grains, cereals, etc.

Hope you enjoy the video and include some of these items into your grocery list next time!



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