Chinese Festival – MIA Park Doha

Chinese Festival - MIA Park DohaWe went to check out the Chinese Festival held at MIA Park and here is what I have to say – good for a 50 minute stop, but not “omg-must-cancel-all-plans-and-go” worthy.

Wanna know more? Like, what I munched on and bought back home with me? Then keep reading!


Chinese Festival – MIA Park Doha

On our way over, I couldn’t help wonder how come we are suddenly having Chinese festivals in Doha, when there is hardly any Chinese community here? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. We need more stuff to happen in Doha anyway – but, just a thought. I guess it serves to be friends with the next predicted superpower? :p (Especially since American elections didn’t quite go as planned).

Nonetheless, it got us Doha peeps out of the malls on the weekend and that definitely counts for something. Especially since the weather is getting nice and breezy. Made a mental note to start hanging outdoors again. Yes, gotta admit summers in Doha pretty much made me forget that outdoor life still exists.

Chinese Festival - MIA Park DohaMy main purpose for going was well, food – Chinese food.

Saw some festival pictures on Instagram, a few yummy looking food shots and decided that I need some of that in my tummy.
A bunch of Chinese restaurants were there with yummy stir fries and curries on the menu (W Hotel, Chi Zen, Shangri-La Hotel, etc.…) at dirt cheap prices (since they are saving on services – think, table stalls, self-service and paper plates and all). I cheated on my diet with a plate of Vegetable Noodles from Chi Zen for a mere QAR 20 – not a bad bargain at all.

Chinese Festival - MIA Park DohaWhat I wasn’t pleased with was, non-food bargains – because there were none. Zero. Nil. I mean, one goes to these ethnic festivals expecting some good local buys. I was expecting to get my hands on some good Chinese decoration, jewelry, herbs, teas, packaged food stuff or candy. There were very limited stalls (like 6-8) with such items and all with a hefty price tag. Honestly, there were more Qatari and local good exhibited there than Chinese ones.

Here are a couple of shots of the things I did see.

Chinese Festival - MIA Park DohaChinese Festival - MIA Park DohaFunny story, I picked some Chinese jewelry (or so I thought) for myself from one of the stalls there , because I had that ‘tick’ not to go back home empty handed, only to discover later a sticker on its back that said “Made in Pakistan”, I mean really?! According to my MIL Anarkali Market in Lahore is overflowing with this kind of jewelry. (Need to dig up this stuff like this next time I visit Lahore).

Chinese Festival - MIA Park DohaChinese Festival - MIA Park DohaOverall, a good evening out, decent food but they better up the game next year if they want people to attend again. Also, I need good herbal teas yo!
Till next time, bye lovelies!

Chinese Festival - MIA Park Doha



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