​Buff Bake Nut Butters Review

​Buff Bake Nut Butters Review

So here is the good, the bad, and why will I not be buying these again.

The Good:

Just looking at the Buff Bake display at Monoprix (at Westbay-Doha ) I could feel my mouth watering! (You know the way it does when I usually see food).

They all looked amazing and I wanted to buy every jar to try! (except maybe the cinnamon raisin one -not a fan) However, since I already have a massive stock of peanut butters at home I decided to pick up just the Cookie Almond Butter (It was a tough decision guys).

And well I have to say – great taste! I could eat the entire jar in one go or even have this for dessert! Also these are high protein nut butters, mixed with chai, flaxseeds, protein and naturally sweetened. Definitely, I give it plus points for all that.

Now for the bad!

And just after my first spoonful of this pb, I spotted a major deal breaker. (Wait for it…)  It contains whey protein! Shocker! And i felt like a totally bimbo for not having spotted that in the store. I was basically just hypnotized by the colorful jars and all the flavors!! Totally bummed. That’s definitely a ‘no-no’ for me I cant stand whey protein and think its horrible for our health. I am not evrn sure what kind of whey powder they used in this but i dont even want to find out. I just dont like the idea of whey. Period. It taste nasty and gives me this weird super heavy feeling afterwards – like I have just eaten a giant piece of rubber and my body has no idea how to digest it.

So… no more of this for me.

It could be a good breakfast option for those who are not plant based I guess, it will satisfy your sweet tooth but still might be healthier than a sugary muffin or donut. But I would still not recommend it really.

Will I be buying it again? Nope, I don’t like whey, neither do I think it’s healthy. However, the recipes and flavors of these butters are pretty unique and simple. Maybe I can easily substitute whey protein for a plant based protein powder, put my Magimix to work at home and try to make a few of these flavors at home! : p So besides giving me some recipe inspiration– this was pretty much a waste of my money. Its a pity, because if only the company had substituted whey protein for a plant based one, it would be a much healthier product and also edible for so many other people.

Nutritional Facts

11g of protein

Chia & Flax seeds for added Omegas

Low in sugar!

Enjoy with an apple, in a smoothie, oatmeal, or by the spoonful!



All Natural, Hormone-Free Whey Protein

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar


Dark Chocolate Chips

Unsweetened Cocoa

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Chia Seed

Flax Seed


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