Spirituality and Islam

Spirituality and Islam

I am a Muslim, first and foremost – proud and strong in my faith. Sadly, a lot of us focus on religious rituals & rules, but not enough on the spiritual aspect. Most of us fear God than love him, we pray and fast to avoid his wrath, not for our inner peace and sanity, we desire to go to heaven but very few are prepared or eager to die and meet God.

Along with Islamic text, I have a lot of literature at home on spirituality, books on Buddhist practices of meditation and zen teachings, on yoga which is primarily a Hindu practice, on Sufism, which is categorized as ‘mystical’ Islam – But no matter what I read, I always see Quran and Hadith in it.

Isn’t Quranic recitation and ‘Ibadah’ our form of meditation, isn’t Salah made of the most beneficial yoga positions (ruku/ardha uttanasanasa, qiyam/namaste, julus/varjasana), the message of selflessness and mindfulness in all Sufi text, isn’t that simply Islam itself? Yes it is. I hope we all recognize and practice the spiritual aspect so heavily ingrained in Islam. The emphasis on peace, love, gratitude – is the gist of our religion, less talked about than whether the hijab is compulsory or not or which sect we belong to.


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