Eid Mubarak Everyone

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Hi guys, a massive Eid Mubarak hug🤗🤗 to you all from Doha!!

Yes, we all are gonna miss Ramadan & the totally peaceful vibe it brings, but don’t tell me you didn’t love the cup of tea🤣🤣 you had first thing in the morning today.

I wanted to put up a really bling bling eid loaded picture of us to wish you guys, but honestly we have a big fat dawat at our place on the second day of eid + a tight schedule of housing-hopping on the 3rd day, so at the moment we are literally all running around like chickens setting the place up, ironing and doing all the last minute preps and trust me no one needs to see us looking like this.

Lots of love to you all in Pakistan have an amazing chaand raat tonight – and don’t take the henna and chooriyan for granted coz we miss miss miss em here❤❤


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