Birthday And Cake!


It’s my boy’s birthday today!!! WOOT WOOT! πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ I get super excited when anyone’s birthday comes along, but this is hubz first so excitment level too damn high!! (aren’t u all sick of all my post-wedding ‘firsts’? – bare with me just a couple more to go hehe).

Faisal, as usual likes to play it cool on his birthday.

“Oh I’m not really a birthday person”

“Oh it’s just another day”

“Dont plan anything extravagant – I don’t like too much fuss”

“Ab kiya birthday mananee, bachay thori han”


But, you should have seen the smile on this .one’s face when my sis-in-law baked him this absolutely DELICIOUS & GINOURMOUS 16-inch death-by-chocolate cake!!! (shes a pro guys, we keep telling her to open up a bakery) I was about to start my eid detox diet today and then suddenly the whole house started smelling of cake heaven and well… the struggle was real guys, the struggle was real! (Yes, yes, I know this account is supposed to be about healthy eating but birthdays are an exception yo! And hubz birthdays are official cheat days, so don’t judge peez. πŸ™ƒ The diet start tomorrow, I promise #crossmyheart)

So we all had cake this afternoon πŸ˜‹ bhut maza aya!

The skinny bitch in me is dying so i think I’ll head out to the gym for an hour and try to put it’s mind at ease.

Later at night, we will be heading to Layali’s for a family dinner in honour of the budday boy. I really like that place actually and have mentioned it before, they have some pretty good healthy vegetarian options on the menu (Arabic/Mediterranean) and the food feels light and nomnominmytumtum. Thinking of ordering the fattoush salad and baked pumpkin kibbeh hmmm…. stay tuned on snapchat guys!

Much Love.


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