Women In The Quran – Ramadan Reading

Women in the quran

Women in the quran

Engrossed in this⬇️this afternoon 🤓Getting some pre-iftari reading in… I find listening to religious lectures during Ramadan a lot easier than getting through a book. You can just hit play and listen away while frying, driving or lazing your life away. But this one I had to find the time for, because I have been meaning to get to it for ages.

I feel like it’s literally the first book ever abt Quranic teachings for women from a well-researched & well-informed female perspective. Yes, there are plenty of religious books written by women (Reclaim your heart is ❤) but not necessarily focusing on women’s rights, duties and place in Islam. Perhaps most other interpretations have been summed up by men.

Has anyone else read this? 50 pages in so far!


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