Reham Khan’s Book & Other Stuff On Twitter

Reham Khan’s Book & Other Stuff On Twitter

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#AdMadDude #ShaanSoooo basically you are stuck in a Limbo right… No idea if you want to be an emotional brand, a funny brand or a sad brand. But hey at least you got to do another shoot with an India director right. Just like to point out that in your turned on and constant boner for all that’s Indian, you managed to show a very typical ‘Indian Film’ Style of Punjabiness. But he who cares. Fuck it. Okay fineeee ill ask you anyways…Too inspired by them? To meek to speak up to the director or just plain don’t know what Desi side of Punjab is like. Want me to hook you up with them Punjabi feels for any future project? I am sure I can find volunteers from this page or if you had been intelligent enough to ask around you would have known better but hey who cares as long as the you get to guzzle on some international shoot jizz…. Yum!Ad Mad Dude

Posted by Ad Mad Dude on Saturday, July 7, 2018
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