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Hi Guys!  

This is for all the new visitors on this page. Firstly, thrilled to have you here!! A big (trump-style) handshake.

Also, a legit big JHAPPI for all the old subscribers just coz I love you so!!! 

I am Hira Anwar. I am a qualified lawyer, a certified health coach, a wife and a newbie Pakistani Youtuber.

Eudaimonliving is my personal youtube channel where I share my views, thoughts & snippets of my daily life.

So grab a cup of chai and watch my daily vlogs [The Daily Blah Playlist], discussion on trending topics on social media [My 2 Cents Playlist] or me talking about 2 things I am very very passionate about – a healthy lifestyle [Health & Wellness Playlist] & good books [Book Nook Playlist].

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