Bring It On Fall!

Good Morning ya’ll! Rise and Shine! The weather is finally starting to cool down a bit in Doha, and I’m loving it. Soon it will be time for soups, pumpkin lattes, maroon lippies, bedtime socks and maybe boots!! 👢or at...

How Not To Die

Went book shopping yesterday and got my monthly stack – that’s satisfaction guys! If I go missing for a few days in the coming weeks, know that I will be hiding in some corner binge reading. I found some rare...

First Day Back At Work

First day back at work and I have got major Zzzzz. Had 2 cups of Karak to stop myself from poking a pencil in my eye. The time is 12:30 pm now and I have got about 2 more hours to go... my only consolation is this freshly made vegetable sandwich from Monoprix Qatar that I plan to gobble up in the next 2 minutes.