In Doha, I had been dying to get my hands on this edition of #1Q84 while I was reading it on my kindle. Finished it, but never got to hold a physical copy. Well, yesterday, I got my chance

Visiting Saeed Book Bank

Born and raised in Karachi, I had heard of Saeed Book Bank, but didnt think much of it, since we have Liberty Book Store there, which I absolutely love!! Last year when my parents moved to Islamabad, Faisal mentioned that I MUST go check out SBB the next time I visit my parents

Pappu Chai Wala

Bhai and I were out running a bigillion errands yesterday, picking up groceries, medication, car hunting for ami abu (theirs is a 100 years old and just not gonna cut it anymore). After an exhausting day – we stopped at this place called Pappu Chaiwala...

This One Is For You Faisal

This one is for you Faisal. Now some background, my fil and I love daal. We can and actually do eat this stuff, like, every day in Doha. And Faisal gets sick of watching us, lol. He keeps saying stuff like “aap log tang nahi atay” “ yaar roz daal ‘ aaj phir daal”.

Niomi Smart Cookbook

In my head Niomi, is like, my soul sister, I used to binge watch her youtube channel and get hunger pangs watching all the gorgeous food she was always making and eating. When I found out she is publishing her own cookbook, I knew I had to get my hands it! Right away!